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Remove save code from screenshots


(Firefox :: Screenshots, task, P3)




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(Reporter: emmamalysz, Assigned: u682976)


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(Whiteboard: [outreachy-2021-screenshots])


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1705744 +++

Saving a screenshot is no longer supported and can be removed from screenshots.

Please ensure screenshots still work when submitting a patch

Can I be assigned to this?

Sure! Please add emalysz and sfoster as reviewers for your screenshots patches

hyy. the bug seems unassigned to me. can I work on itt?
@dawit are you working on it? if yes, please do inform me and make yourself an assignee.

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Hello. Yes I'm working on this issue. Just hadn't had the time to finish it yet. I don't know if it is possible to make myself an assignee though. Can you help with this please?

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Hi Dawit,

You can do this by "Edit bug" --> "Assignee" and type your username. I went ahead and did it for you, but for the future, please assign yourself to any bugs you're actively working on. Thanks for taking it!

Assignee: nobody → fc85dlup
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Good to know. Thanks.

Attached file Bug 1705749 Removed the save codes (obsolete) —

I was assigned to this task.

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Sorry Dawit .emalysz only told you can submit anything there is nothing with the assignee . And I have been working on this a week ago.


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You should have at least said something about it. It took me a long time to find beginner-friendly tasks on this project. I was glad this was assigned to me, and I spend multiple hours trying to figure it out. That's not very professional.

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Huhh see.. all the issues are kinda 'submit a patch and make urself an assignee' type . Then this kinda things are familiarly happening, I found some dead codes in my shots files and even removed in my working directory waiting for the commit then what happened someone committed the same codes before a few minutes to my commit that I've been tirelessly found and removed . You know how sad it was . and Im really really sorry for this.If its hurts you. Hoping u understand the situation.


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Hi everyone,

Thanks for both taking the time to look at this issue! Dhanesh, if an issue is assigned, that means the bug is already being worked on by another contributor/employee even if there is no patch associated with it yet. If there has been no activity on a bug for a few months, it's good practice to needinfo? the curreent assignee to see if they have any intention of picking up the bug again.

That being said, this issue is still assigned to Dawit, who should still have the opportunity to submit a patch. For that reason, I'm going to mark Dhanesh's patch as "obsolete".

This was a totally understandable mistake getting involved into a new project and is part of the learning curve. It's great practice to start looking at the screenshots code!

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I made a mistake when I was working on the task and submitted the patch. I didn't know how to edit a patch, so I resubmitted and new one. The former one is invalid.

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Remove save code from screenshots. r=emalysz
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