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Consider having MSIX package depend on VC Runtime framework package instead of shipping DLLs


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It is possible to make an MSIX depend on the Visual C++ redistributable, so that we can depend upon it rather than shipping the DLLs in the package as we do with the installer (which causes issues, see bug 1624546 and bug 1691782, though I'm not certain those issues would be visible within the package).

See the documentation for the runtime packages, and the "Your app uses a VCLibs framework package" section of this list.

This would address bug 1624546 and bug 1691782 (though I'm not sure that those would also break the package).


  • Repack would ideally exclude the DLLs we currently include.
  • It would be an additional thing to keep in sync with the libs we link against on the build machines.
  • This requires whatever installs the MSIX to fetch the dependency if it isn't already installed (the normal redist .exe installer doesn't install this package).
Group: partner-confidential
Group: partner-confidential
Whiteboard: [fidedi-tikka]
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