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This week I had the opportunity to attend the 2nd OSCOM conference, and meet
with the people that are building OSCOM tools. There were some wonderful and
amazing demos of products. I also heard of some bugs and missing features that
are really hurting the OSCOM tool makers and community when it comes to the
Mozilla platform.

The purpose of this bug is to group the bugs that are serious hindrances to the
OSCOM community and try to make them higher visibility, and raise the priority
of these bugs. Also by grouping them we will get a better idea of what needs to
be fixed and implemented to produce an excellent OSCOM platform. Also we will
have a better understanding of the goal, and we will know the people that will
benefit from our work, compared to just looking at random bugs and having no
idea who cares about it.

The newsgroup for discussing general OSCOM issues seems to be
netscape.public.mozilla.platform, more specific newsgroups include the dom,
layout, xml etc. where appropriate. The bugsystem should be used only to discuss
the implementation issues.
For bug 13383, I need to better understand which piece(s) of webdav are desirable.
Component: Browser-General → Tracking
Depends on: 171314
As discussed on the OSCOM/Bitflux/Xopus/Netscape Meeting, we (Xopus/Bitflux)
could really use an onbeforeunload event handler
Depends on: 68215
Depends on: 186538
Depends on: 186540
Depends on: 163577
Depends on: 186545
Depends on: 186554
Depends on: 191996
Depends on: 92686
Assignee: asa → hjtoi-bugzilla
QA Contact: asa
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being tracked. The Core: Tracking component will no longer be used.
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