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New "Proton" design uses too much screen estate


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Firefox 89




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Steps to reproduce:

Upgraded to FF 89 on Windows 10

Actual results:

The new "Proton" design increases the spacing between menu items in the bookmarks menu (from the bookmarks toolbar).

Menus that easily fit on my 27" screen before (using about 2/3 of the vertical screen resolution) now require scrolling(!!!!) to reach the bottom bookmarks. This is ridiculous.

For the time being, this can be made usable again using the following settings:

browser.uidensity = 1
browser.proton.contextmenus.enabled = false
browser.proton.enabled = false

However you seem to plan to remove support for this properties that make the bookmarks usable again.

I consider the fact that I am not able to see my complete bookmarks menu a bug. This has nothing to do with usability or an enhancement

Expected results:

Do not remove support for those properties. Or even better: expose them in the "regular" settings menu: Maybe a choice between "compact menus" and "overly space consuming menus"

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Hi TomK,
Thanks for submitting this issue as feedback for the new design. Will mark this as a New Enhancement and add a whiteboard to be reviewed by the developer team.

Type: defect → enhancement
Ever confirmed: true
Whiteboard: [proton-door-hangers]
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