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Mozregression rejects user-selected dates without warning


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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Opened mozregression to try to bibisect what I suspect is an old bug.

  2. Tried to select a start date in 2016.

Actual results:

  1. Thought I selected that, started, realized Mozregression had switched back to 2020.

  2. Backed up, tried again with 2014, each time I selected a date, it switched back to 2020.

It's hard to see the date Mozregression has switched to, obscuring that part of the screen in a painful gray blur.

Expected results:

A. Let users pick a date.

B. If users have Reduce Motion or similar system settings, kill the damned blinding cursor so we can see the date mozregression has picked. See bug 1635680.

Okay, I didn't understand the full interface. I have to pick a year, then pick month again, then pick day again, or it ignores all choices.

Severity: -- → S3
Priority: -- → P3
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