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Add multiple rows of tabs to Firefox, accessible with a configuration setting


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Steps to reproduce:

Multiple rows of tabs are essential to my use of Firefox, and many other people. It's hard to have many tabs open and manage them without the ability to have multiple rows of them.

Installing this file as userChrome.css under Firefox 89's Proton user interface enables multiple rows of tabs:

It works very well– as if it were built in. Can you build in this CSS, and set the right config settings, based on a configuration setting? This would allow many more people to use this feature.

Actual results:

Got multiple rows of tabs by installing a custom userChrome.css file.

Expected results:

I should be able to set a configuration setting and turn this on, instead of installing a userChrome.css file and having to manipulate a bunch of configuration settings.

Here's the GitHub repo the multiple_tab_lines.css userChrome file comes from:

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I've set this bug as new. I believe that the enhancement has the proper component, so we'll await for a developer to take a look.

Regards, Flor.

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Thank you Flor.

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