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[Prompts] Select prompts should be dismissed when user clicks other fields


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We currently have the onLoginSelect and onCreditCardSelect prompts which will be triggered whenever the user clicks on a field that can be autocompleted with that type of data.

But these prompts will stay on the screen (at the bottom) until they are consumed by the user picking an item to be autocompleted.

I propose a similar API, maybe something like onCancelLoginSelect and onCancelCreditCardSelect for when the user clicks in another field / another part of the page which cannot be autocompleted with the data from that prompt.
And then, when the user clicks again in a credit card / login field for the prompt to be re-requested.

I think this would lead to a similar UX as on desktop.

Severity: -- → S3
Depends on: 1710668
Flags: needinfo?(petru.lingurar)
Priority: -- → P2
Whiteboard: [geckoview:m93?]
Flags: needinfo?(petru.lingurar)
Whiteboard: [geckoview:m93?] → [geckoview:m94?]

FWIW I don't think we need a new API for this, onPromptDismiss is already present in PromptInstanceDelegate which all promps have:

we just need to call dismiss on the prompt when we navigate away on the JS side.

Assigning to m_kato who was assigned to the duplicate.

Assignee: nobody → m_kato
Keywords: leave-open

Bumping priority to P1 since Makoto is working on this bug.

Keywords: leave-open
Priority: P2 → P1
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Attachment #9277485 - Attachment description: Bug 1715572 - onPromptDismiss should be callded when losting focus by content script. r=#geckoview-reviewers → Bug 1715572 - Choice prompt should be dismissed when focus is lost by content script. r=#geckoview-reviewers

We need to handle FormAutoComplete:ClosePopup to dismiss autocomplete pop up.

When we add some tests for autocomplete, it may cause test failure due to test
order. Pop up is opened before using fetched data. So I add a workaround to
remove previous credit card and address information for some tests.

Depends on D147054

Carrying forward to 103. Agi says this fix will be too complex to uplift to Beta 102.

Whiteboard: [geckoview:m94?] [geckoview:m102] → [geckoview:m94?] [geckoview:m102] [geckoview:m103]
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Choice prompt should be dismissed when focus is lost by content script. r=geckoview-reviewers,agi
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DateTime prompt should be dismissed when focus is lost by content script. r=geckoview-reviewers,agi
Depends on: 1776138
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