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Support SFrameTransform


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1631263 +++

Separate from Bug 1631263, the spec also offers am SFrameTransform API, which would provide sframe encoding natively without requiring this to be done by JS.

It may be in Mozilla's interest to push this API, to provide a path where key handling can eventually be considered opaque and out of the hands of JS.

The SFrame transform API is still stabilizing, but it might be good to have the IETF work be closer to the end to actually ship it.

Summary: Support RTCRtpScriptTransform (formerly webrtc insertable streams) → Support SFrameTransform

This is necessary for facetime to be working on Firefox.

                    key: "isOnSupportedWebRTC",
                    get: function () {
                      return (
                        !!RTCRtpSender &&
                        (!!RTCRtpSender.prototype.createEncodedStreams ||
                          (!!window.SFrameTransform &&
                            "transform" in RTCRtpSender.prototype))
Webcompat Priority: --- → P1

We've gotten confirmation from Apple that only bug 1631263 is needed for FaceTime in Firefox at this time.

Webcompat Priority: P1 → -

do you have any update?

Webcompat Priority: - → ---

since the main bug has been closed for version 117, is there any hope of having this bug fixed as well?
Thank you

Status update here - Safari has something here that's similar but not standardized. Chrome likely isn't shipping this since they have encoded streams. Firefox has a spec compliant version of Script Transform, which can handle doing what's needed here in a slightly less secure way. The spec SFrameTransform is still being developed, and we're working to try and get it to a good point. At which point we would schedule development.

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