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Update pdf.js to version 2.10.87


(Firefox :: PDF Viewer, task)

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#13375 Improve the Page.content and Page.getContentStream methods
#13377 Re-factor and convert the code in src/core/pattern.js to use standard classes
#13379 [api-minor] Update minimum supported browser versions (PR 13361 follow-up)
#13383 Update packages and translations
#13380 Re-factor and convert the code in src/display/pattern_helper.js to use standard classes
#13385 Convert src/core/operator_list.js to use standard classes
#13386 Enable the no-var linting rule in src/core/bidi.js
#13387 Fix a few safe ESLint no-var failures in src/core/evaluator.js (13371 follow-up)
#13328 JS - Add support for display property
#13389 Get any width (if one is present) in CFF parser
#13390 XFA - Don't move glyphes in private area with non-truetype fonts
#13394 Handle PI with no value in xml parser
#13401 Remove some, with Prettier 2.3.0, unnecessary // prettier-ignore comments
#13408 Remove focus from the zoom dropdown, when a mouse is used (bug 1300525, issue 4923)
#13415 Improve handling of named destinations in out-of-order NameTrees (PR 10274 follow-up)
#13416 XFA - Fix wrong function name
#13419 Use the stringToBytes helper function in more places
#13381 Handle errors gracefully, in PartialEvaluator.buildFontPaths, when glyph path building fails
#13417 [XFA] Send URLs as strings, rather than objects (issue 1773)
#13420 Drop obsolete logic from the downloadFile function in test/downloadutils.js
#13421 XFA - Don't display images with a href
#13402 XFA - Fix lot of layout issues
#13429 Bump browserslist from 4.16.3 to 4.16.6
#13436 Re-factor FontFaceObject.getPathGenerator to use Arrays instead of strings
#13435 Enable the unicorn/no-array-push-push ESLint plugin rule
#13445 Fix Postscript name in font to avoid bug when saving in pdf
#13450 Fix the JSDocs for PDFDocumentProxy.getPageIndex (issue 13449)
#13455 Italic angle is defined clockwise in CSS when it's counterclockwise in PDF
#13456 Replace clazz by classNames
#13427 XFA - Add a storage to save fields values
#13443 Re-factor the charsCache on Font-instances
#13457 Work-around for HighlightAnnotations without a top-level /ExtGState-entry (issue 13242)
#13448 Support strokeAlpha/fillAlpha when creating a fallback appearance stream (issue 6810)
#13460 Update webpack import instructions
#13462 Update packages and translations
#13463 Bump ws from 7.4.5 to 7.4.6
#13464 Bump versions in pdfjs.config
#13466 Fix typo in template.js
#13465 Some -es5/-legacy renaming clean-up, and deprecated API options removal (PR 12978, PR 13207 follow-up)
#13437 XFA - Move the fake HTML representation of XFA from the worker to the main thread
#13472 Don't change options of the globally used PartialEvaluator in the "should render checkbox with fallback font for printing" unit-test
#13378 Replace terminal null char by a endchar command in CFF charstrings to make OTS happy
#13411 XFA - Add support to print XFA forms
#13476 Update Puppeteer to version 10
#13451 XFA - Use native radio and checkbox buttons
#13480 [GENERIC viewer] Fix printing regression from PR 13411
#13489 Add hasEOL to the TextItem typedef in the API (PR 13257 follow-up)
#13478 Fix find highlighting regression from #13306.
#13482 Fix scrolling of search results in documents with marked content (bug 1714183)
#13473 XFA - Implement usehref support
#13492 Add normalization for Hyphen -> Hyphen-minus
#13490 Miscellaneous improvements for gulpfile.js (issue 10362)
#13497 Initialize HTMLResult.{FAILURE, EMPTY} lazily
#13376 Replace command with not enough args by an endchar in CFF font
#13494 Add more info for showText operator in stepper.
#13498 Normalize the coordinates used in SVGGraphics._makeTilingPattern (issue 12996)
#13461 Improve text-selection for Type3 fonts with empty /FontBBox-entries (issue 6605)
#13503 XFA - Don't bind a form node with an empty value when the data node doesn't exist
#13505 Use the DOMSVGFactory, rather than manually creating the SVG-element, in createMatrix (PR 13361 follow-up)
#13501 XFA - CDATA can be xml so parse it when required
#12726 [api-minor] Include and use the 14 standard font files.
#13513 Bump trim-newlines from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1
#13506 XFA - Add support for reftests
#13479 XFA - Fix layout issues (again)
#13514 [api-minor] Fetch binary CMap data in the worker-thread, when useWorkerFetch is set
#13521 [XFA] Use align-items: flex-start; to improve browser compatibility (issue 13518)
#13495 XFA - Display rectangle, line and arc
#13524 XFA - Don't print arrow in select
#13517 XFA - Add Liberation-Sans font as a substitution for some missing fonts
#13359 Add the possibility to rescale each glyph in a font
#13515 Cache the "raw" standard font data in the worker-thread (PR 12726 follow-up)
#13525 [api-minor] Re-factor the disableFontFace fallback value, and skip initializing factories with useWorkerFetch set
#13516 Always use standard font data, with disableFontFace set in the API (PR 12726 follow-up)
#13502 XFA - contentarea must be on top of the other containers in a pageArea
#13527 XFA - Avoid infinite loop when creating some nodes in data
#13528 XFA - Handle caption with inline placement as left one

Summary: Update pdf.js to version 2.10.85 → Update pdf.js to version 2.10.87
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Update pdf.js to version 2.10.87 r=calixte
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