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Intermittent toolkit/components/telemetry/tests/unit/test_SocketScalars.js | xpcshell return code: 0


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On Mac on the latest mozilla-central (f531f12e5), using a full build, I'm seeing test_SocketScalars.js fail with the following log. This occurs both when running stand alone, and when running in parallel with other tests in the directory.

I'm attaching the full log from a run.

Seems to be cross-platform as it fails on Linux as well. Doesn't fail on CI. Doesn't fail when a debugger is attached.

Makes it almost impossible to determine when it started happening (I mean, I've noticed it for a while but since it never reproduced on try I assumed it was a local problem and ignored it. More fool, me).

Seems to be working and covering socket process collection adequately in non-local contexts, so I'm going to have this rather low on the priority list. Thank you for the report.

Severity: -- → S4
Priority: -- → P3

I've encountered several of these failures when I did a try push with many xpcshell tests at

Failures observed on:

  • test-macosx1015-64-qr/opt-xpcshell-e10s-2
  • test-linux1804-64/debug-xpcshell-e10s-2
  • test-macosx1015-64-qr/debug-xpcshell-e10s-1
  • test-windows10-64-qr/opt-xpcshell-e10s-2
  • test-windows10-64/opt-xpcshell-e10s-2
  • test-linux1804-64/opt-xpcshell-e10s-3
  • test-linux1804-64-qr/opt-xpcshell-e10s-3
  • test-windows10-64-qr/debug-xpcshell-e10s-1
  • test-linux1804-64-shippable/opt-xpcshell-e10s-3
  • test-windows10-64-shippable-qr/opt-xpcshell-e10s-2
  • test-windows10-64-devedition-qr/opt-xpcshell-e10s-2
Summary: test_SocketScalars.js fails when run locally → Intermittent toolkit/components/telemetry/tests/unit/test_SocketScalars.js | xpcshell return code: 0

I enabled some logging:

MOZ_LOG=nsIOService:5 ./mach xpcshell-test toolkit/components/telemetry/tests/unit/test_SocketScalars.js --verbose

The output now includes the following from

D/nsIOService nsIOService skipping LaunchSocketProcess because of the env

So apparently the test is failing because the socket process is unexpectedly not launching.

Based on the above analysis, I tried to start the test with the pref: MOZ_LOG=nsIOService:5 ./mach xpcshell-test toolkit/components/telemetry/tests/unit/test_SocketScalars.js --verbose --setpref=network.http.network_access_on_socket_process.enabled=true

... the test now crashed with MOZ_CRASH(Failed to get app path) and the following stack:

#01: mozilla::ipc::GeckoChildProcessHost::FillMacSandboxInfo(_MacSandboxInfo&) (objdir/dist/ + 0x9aabbc)
#02: mozilla::net::SocketProcessHost::FillMacSandboxInfo(_MacSandboxInfo&)
#03: mozilla::ipc::GeckoChildProcessHost::AppendMacSandboxParams(...)
#04: mozilla::ipc::GeckoChildProcessHost::AsyncLaunch(...)
#05: mozilla::ipc::GeckoChildProcessHost::LaunchAndWaitForProcessHandle(...)
#06: mozilla::net::SocketProcessHost::Launch()
#07: mozilla::net::nsIOService::LaunchSocketProcess()

Not sure how I should interpret this, but it seems like network.process.enabled is forced to false unless the socketprocess or socketprocess_networking variant is enabled:
... which causes the test to pass trivially due to the early return:

I'm not sure about what can be done to run the test, the best that I can think of is to skip the test in more situations (e.g. by adding run-if = socketprocess_networking to the xpcshell.ini file.

Regressed by: 1641496
Has Regression Range: --- → yes
Assignee: nobody → chutten
Attachment #9235139 - Attachment description: Bug 1716307 - Only run test_SocketScalars when there's a socket process r?janerik! → Bug 1716307 - Only run test_SocketScalars when there's a socket process

Taking over since this smallish bug blocks the patch stack with bug 1723536 and bug 1723198.

Assignee: chutten → rob
Blocks: 1723536
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Only run test_SocketScalars when there's a socket process r=janerik
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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