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Update the report on the history of overdue audits


(CA Program :: Common CA Database, task)


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(Reporter: kathleen.a.wilson, Unassigned)


Update the report on the history of overdue audits.
This report is on this wiki page: in the first sentence.

There are several items missing from the public report -- A CCADB report shows newer results that are not showing up in the public-facing report:

  • Show: All activities, Show: Open & Completed Activities, Show: Tasks and Events
    Filtered By:
  • CA Owner/Certificate Record Type equals CA Owner AND
  • Mozilla Status equals Change Requested,Included AND
  • Subject equals Mozilla: Overdue Audit Statements,Mozilla: Your root is in danger of being removed
Product: NSS → CA Program
Priority: P4 → --
Whiteboard: [ccadb-enhancement]
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