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[Buttons on left side] window/titlebar buttons are cropped with Ambiance GTK theme


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Firefox 89





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Steps to reproduce:

I am running Firefox on GNOME Shell with the "Ambiance" theme and window buttons on the left side.

  1. move the window control / titlebar buttons from right to left: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences button-layout 'close,minimize,maximize:'
  2. start firefox with the "Ambiance" or "Radiance" theme: GTK_THEME=Ambiance firefox
  3. See that the window buttons in the top left are not correctly aligned.

I will give some unsolicited guesses:
I am working on a window decoration library that renders with GTK. I experienced similar issues when using gtk_widget_get_allocation to get button positions and sizes. Using gtk_widget_get_clip instead solved the problem for me, and might also solve the problem for Firefox.

Actual results:

The min/max/close buttons are not correctly aligned and cropped (see screenshot).

Expected results:

The window buttons should be aligned just like for any other GTK program, e.g. GTK_THEME=Ambiance gtk3-demo.

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Product: Firefox → Core
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Summary: window/titlebar buttons are cropped with Ambiance GTK theme → [Buttons on left side] window/titlebar buttons are cropped with Ambiance GTK theme
Priority: -- → P3
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