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Uncontrollable memory usage grow


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Steps to reproduce:

Steps to reproduce:

We've made a test app to reproduce a memory leak problem during loading/removing iframes 'n' - count abot 30 iframes into a table where each iframe is a representation of column with 'url' data in it.
There is a large jump in memory and energy consumption in case loading / removing of each iframe in 'about: performance' observator.
Also a high memory consumption level when deleting an iframe in 'about: memory'

iframe creation example :

    const createIframe = (url, name) =>{
        iframe = document.createElement('iframe') = name
        iframe.src = url
        iframe.width = '100%'
        iframe.height = '100%'

We need to know and understand if it is normal that after a long time of FireFox usage with 'Iframes' (about 30) in one app it takes up so much memory that 'setInterval' stops working and memory usage increases up to 7Gb RAM ?
Is there a bug or wrong method usage ?
How could this be avoided ?
Is there any kind of solution to resolve such kind of problem ?

Cause on other browsers this case is less affected

Actual results:

As a result the memory grows and grows overtime which results in degraded performance.

Expected results:

loading or removing iframe from DOM without giant uncontrollable memory usage grow

The same mechanism does not occur on Chrome or Edge.
For FireFox version 68 there was a disconnection with usage about 2GB and FireFox version disconnection with usage about 89.0 7gb.
Edge after a long time consumes from 3.5 GB to 4GB and remains at this level without disconnecting instaed of Chrome Last version has not to be confirmed yet .
Screens with memory usage are below.

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Hey rotsy,
Can you test the issue while in Safe Mode? You can find helpful info here : .
Also a fresh new profile could help. You can find more about creating a new profile here : .
If possible, you can test this issue on the nightly build as well. Download the build from : .

Adding about:memory verbose

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I'd added what You asked for

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Do you have a page where we could reproduce this? This is obviously not expected (unless you're keeping the iframe's window alive with JS somehow, like storing it in a global or what not).

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