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I have observed that none of my RSS feeds are updating. Post 91 update


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I updated Thunderbird to V91 on the 14th August. I observed last evening that none of my feeds have updated since the upgrade was installed. Because of Thunderbird's poor handling of HTML display in feeds in recent versions, I have not been looking much in the last few years because most news items do not display. I have to link out to the website anyway.

I have feeds from the Australian ABC site mostly that should update many times a day, as well as feeds from other notable organisations like CNET, Redmond News and Extreme Tech all of these feeds routinely have daily updates and have done for many years.

Manually requesting messages for feeds does not produce any form of result, and nothing at all appears in the error console, but lots of HTML errors do appear when selecting existing entries, so I am guessing the console is working.

All feeds appear in the folder pane with the standard folder icon, but I really do not know if this is relevant, or just a symptom of feeds being broken.

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See Also: → 1701414

bug 1701414 does seem to be related in my case.
I have no feeds.json file, but I do see a feeds.json.backup that has only one feed, the only feed that is working for me.

I did find a feed-items.json in a backup directory. Can that file be used to fix my current production profile

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If you have no feeds.json the subscribe list will be taken from .backup on startup and a new one should be lazily created. The items file prevents dupes, it may be stale. The suggestion to use flush() was considered heavy (and maybe it is; an ancient db conundrum) - benc can add more details on the mechanics of JSONFile.

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There's no other reports about this that I know of, so whatever happened to your profile, we need more data or then there's not much to do here.

Thomas, can you verify upgrading from 78 with a profile having feeds works as expected?

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(In reply to Magnus Melin [:mkmelin] from comment #3)

Thomas, can you verify upgrading from 78 with a profile having feeds works as expected?

WFM. From my testing, it does seem to work as expected, new feed messages are still coming in automatically after updating to TB 91.
Bit tedious to test.


  1. TB 78 installation, subscribe to Feeds
  1. Set check for new articles to 1 minute, wait for new articles
  2. Install TB 91 into same folder as TB 78 so that the existing installation with its profile will be updated.
  3. Start TB 91, wait and see if news feeds are still updating automatically

Actual result (screenshots below)

  • TB 78 has a number of errors, the ABC news feed shows syntax error.
  • TB 78 console.logs show that CNET news feed is checked every two minutes (not every single minute as requested).
  • Not sure if ABC news was updating, maybe not due to the syntax error, or they just didn't have new messages while I waited.
  • Same errors not seen on TB 91, nor the console.logs for CNET. No idea what happened to the syntax error in 91, as the feed hasn't changed.
  • Both feeds are updating automatically and correctly in TB 91, as seen by new feed messages.

Expected Result

  • For TB 78, Expected result = no errors.
  • For TB 91, Expected result = Actual result; looks alright.
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TB 78 comes up with some feed errors in console. CNET shows regular console.logs checking for new articles every 2 minutes, but every 1 minute was set.

ABC Feed updates correctly after upgrade to TB91.

CNET Feed updates correctly after upgrade to TB91.

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