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Publish apilint on


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We cannot publish on jcenter anymore so we need to find a new home for apilint.

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We've been chatting about this in the past few days.

The right solution:

  • add Taskcluster integration to the repository generating this artifact - depending on the complexity of that, it may be a slower process (< 1 month of work)
  • ask help from CloudOps team to upload these manually since they own the S3 infrastructure account
  • we've hit this for Glean as well and since the releases were infrequent (every 2-3 weeks), I wrote to help with that until we added automation
  • we may be able to resurrect that repository and do the same for apilint, before we can find a more suited solution

CloudOps generated credentials for us, which I've added to RelEng's internal SOPS.

Sample of what the glean releases used to look like -
Agi agreed to create something similar to ease the transition to use with beetmove-telemetry

Aki is taking over the Releng side on this. I believe what's next is:

  • Agi to provide us a zip similar to the one from glean, so that we can try reusing the old logic
  • we updated to point to apilint instead, depending on what packages we have in the final zip (I looked at some preliminary archive from agi and it's quite similar so far)
  • credentials for both staging/prod are in releng sops repo (if there are issues, @jbuck/thealy can help there)
  • run the script and publish

For the long-term solution, we'll think of something else but this should buy some time in H2 to fix this.

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Sorry it took so long. I finally have a publishing automation set up, the archive is at

Let me know if the archive needs any modifications!

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I am partway through hacking beetmove-telemetry, and I realized I don't know what path to publish it to.

Should I create a new subdirectory under ? Or something under geckoview/ ?

Once I get a plausible path I'll resume testing.

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The artifacts should be under org/mozilla/apilint/apidoc-plugin. I think we created apilint here:

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