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Consider moving NumberPart definitions to separate header


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At the moment, we're defining NumberPart in NumberFormatField.h, but NumberPart is part of a public API, and NumberFormatField is not. It might make sense to split these up.

Suggested by Anba in the review of

Whiteboard: [i18n-unification]

Yoshi, this is pretty trivial, but maybe you can fix it. It breaks doing local SpiderMonkey non-unified builds. This uses the NumberPart without a definition.

If you set this line to = 1 locally and do a spidermonkey build you will trigger the problem. Also, the ListFormat.cpp files you add need a ScopeICUObject.h include.

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Attachment #9241334 - Attachment description: Bug 1728104. Part 2: Add NumberPart.h. → Bug 1728104 - Part 2: Add NumberPart.h.
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Part 1: Fix non-unified build error on ListFormat.cpp. r=tcampbell
Part 2: Add NumberPart.h. r=platform-i18n-reviewers,anba,dminor
Part 3: Remove NumberFormatFields.h from exported headers. r=platform-i18n-reviewers,anba,dminor
Part 4: Merge NumberFormatFieldsUtil.[cpp|h] into NumberFormatFields.[cpp|h]. r=platform-i18n-reviewers,anba,dminor
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