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I haven't into Caixabank web login


(Toolkit :: Password Manager, defect)

Firefox 91





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Steps to reproduce:

I go to Caixabank web, and I go to login web, I put my user and password and appears a web for confirm my identity, but it don't appears nothing. I supose that should appears a keyboard or card code. The web crash and I can't advance.

Actual results:

The web crash and I can't advance.

Expected results:

I think that should appears a keyboard or code card for confirm my identity. The attachment show the web crashed.

This bug appears in new version of firefox 91 ESR.

The Bugbug bot thinks this bug should belong to the 'Toolkit::Password Manager' component, and is moving the bug to that component. Please revert this change in case you think the bot is wrong.

Component: Untriaged → Password Manager
Product: Firefox → Toolkit

Hi, I have checked that this issue appears in others browser as chromium-browser of mageia, and Brave-browser, Chrome and Edge in windows 10 in the last version.

So I think that this can be a problem of the Caixabank web implementation.

Hi, I find the solution.

It seems that Caixabank has changed its signature mode to the mobile application and needed confirmation from the mobile application to be able to enter the web.

I close the bug.


Closed: 1 month ago
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