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Add basic testing for text caching


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ADD XPCOM support for the HyperTextAccessibleBase methods implemented in bug 1730088. Add some basic browser tests which utilise this to test cached text and word/line start offsets.

Depends on: 1734322
Depends on: 1734540

When the cache is disabled, we need a different implementation of RemoteAccessible::CharacterCount for non-Windows.
This already existed, but it hid the base implementation rather than overriding it.
On Windows, we don't support this for RemoteAccessible at all unless the cache is enabled, so there's no change there.

This is to make way for a new Intl which returns HyperTextAccessibleBase.

Pushed by
part 1: Make HyperTextAccessibleBase::CharacterCount virtual and override it in RemoteAccessible. r=eeejay
part 2: Rename RemoteAccessible::GetTextAtOffset to TextAtOffset and have it override HyperTextAccessibleBase. r=eeejay
part 3: Rename xpcAccessibleHyperText::Intl to IntlLocal. r=eeejay
part 4: Add xpcAccessibleHyperText::Intl and use it for methods which are supported by HyperTextAccessibleBase. r=eeejay
part 5: Add initial tests for a11y text caching. r=eeejay
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