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CORS: Allow particular Range header values without a preflight


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Range was added as a safe-listed header as long as the value is in a particular format, which aligns with formats the browser uses when requesting media and resuming downloads.

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Keywords: dev-doc-needed
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The following information seems to have sped the development of a webkit patch along, so I will re-post it here:

CORS-safelisted request-header:

Allowed particular Range header values (simple range header value):


Range: bytes=0-255

Range: bytes=255-

Hopefully it will make a patch for Gecko more likely.

See Also: → 1465074

Dev docs published:

Range (only with a simple range header value; e.g., bytes=256- or bytes=127-255)
Note: Firefox has not implemented Range as a safelisted request-header yet. See bug 1733981.

Shipped in Chromium:
In trunk for WebKit:;a=commit;h=2b039d303782f915fd730720f281f081aab45549

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