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Specifying install_sources still allows installs from


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If you specify install_sources in policy, it should only allow installs from that domain.

We still allow installs from in that case

I swear this worked when we first implemented.

The issue is that installs from AMO don't go through isInstallAllowedByPolicy which checks the install_sources list.

AMO uses the mozAddonManager API here:

I thought we had code at one point to do this properly, but I guess I'm wrong.

The easiest fix would be to flip "privacy.resistFingerprinting.block_mozAddonManager" if install_sources doesn't contain

I don't think it would be straightforward to call Services.policies.allowedInstallSource(aInstallingPrincipal.URI) from the CPP.iam, d

William, do you have any other thoughts?

Basically this policy allows you to specify the only URLs where addons are allowed to be installed from using match patterns.

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Looking at the original patch, I don't see any coverage for mozAddonManager. I think we can still call isInstallAllowedByPolicy() for mozAddonManager, probably here: (as suggested by :rpl) but we didn't try.

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So the only downside to throwing the error there is that AMO shows the error, we don't get an error via the doorhanger, but I'm not convinced that's a big deal.

But we would have that same problem using mozAddonManager as well.

I'll see if there's some way to do the doorhanger in this case.

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Don't allow installs from AMO if not in policy install_sources r=willdurand,extension-reviewers,rpl,flod
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