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Clean up bugzilla error handling


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I'd like to begin using a real exception class to handle errors. This has some
minor problems, due to perl CORE bugs I've discovered while working on this.

The advantage is that we can get real stack traces/errors to the console.
CGI::Carp doesn't really work for us under mod_perl. This bug isn't a
requirement for mod_perl, though, esp since mod_perl 2 does errors-to-browser
stuff automatically.
I want to use Exception::Class for this, mainly because Exception::Class::DBI
exists, so we could then get useful dbi errors almost for free.
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This won't work. It doesn't work. Its just here as a guide-type-thing for
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(In reply to Bradley Baetz (:bbaetz) from comment #1)
> I want to use Exception::Class for this

The Exception::Class documentation recommends to not use it anymore but to use Try::Tiny instead:
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