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Some ProcessRestyledFrames cleanups.


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No description provided.

Shouldn't have any behavior change either and is more similar to the
containing block reframe.

Depends on D128874

Type: defect → enhancement
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Factor out containing block change processing to its own function. r=dholbert
Move AddOrRemoveTransform handling to the branch where all other change hints that don't cause reframes are processed. r=dholbert
Early-out from the loop after handling reframes. r=dholbert
Deal with scrollbar changes inside the loop. r=dholbert

Minor followup - per my afterthought in the last patch (RE the discussion about null-checks there), I think we can also promote the explicit null-check to an assertion in TryToHandleContainingBlockChange as well (the function added in the first patch here), right?

Here in particular:

If I'm understanding that correctly, would you mind landing that as a followup? That'll make us more consistent about how we depend on & validate that invariant in that section of code.

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