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SetLength() and GetMutableData() are dangerous APIs


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As seen in bug 1738237, nsTSubstring<T>::SetLength() takes an nsTSubString::size_type argument. Unfortunately this means that if you pass in a 64-bit value it will be implicitly coerced into a 32-bit value, which can overflow. It would be nice if we were more resistant to this kind of issue.

One approach would be to have a (non-nsTSubString) size_t overload that does the CheckedInt conversion. Or maybe we need bounds checking on whatever does a read or write after the SetLength()?

Summary: SetLength() is dangerous API → SetLength() is a dangerous API
See Also: → CVE-2021-43537
Depends on: 1741201
Depends on: 1741210

Decoder mentioned GetMutableData() as another thing that deals with lengths.

Summary: SetLength() is a dangerous API → SetLength() and GetMutableData() are dangerous APIs

Nika is working on some kind of big fix here, so I'll assign this to her for now.

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