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Events lasting longer than a week can have incorrect number of "shadows" when dragging


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Steps to reproduce

  1. Create an event spanning 8 days.
  2. Start dragging the event from the second day.


The shadow event that shows whilst dragging only spans two days.


The shadow event to span to the end of the week. This is what happens if you drag from the third day.


subtractDate will return a calDuration with weeks set instead of days if days would otherwise be exactly divisible by 7

This means that calculations that ignore the weeks attribute fail, such as

I can't seem to reproduce this in v91. But the calendar code similarly doesn't take weeks into account in 91. And looking in the debugger, it seems that subtractDate returns an object with days = 7.

@darktrojan, can you confirm if 91 isn't effected? Do you know if something change in the backend such that the returned object from subtractDate is different than in 91, such that weeks wouldn't be set?

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The difference will be the calendar library in use. Daily uses ICAL.js but Beta and Release use libical. You can choose by setting calendar.icaljs to true or false. So yeah, this will need to be fixed in all versions.

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Take week differences into account in the calendar multiday views. r=darktrojan

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