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CFCA: Overdue Audit Statements 2021


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Audit Statements are past due for the following root certificate:

CN=CFCA EV ROOT; O=China Financial Certification Authority; C=CN
Certificate Serial Number: 184ACCD6
SHA-1 Fingerprint: E2B8294B5584AB6B58C290466CAC3FB8398F8483
SHA-256 Fingerprint: 5CC3D78E4E1D5E45547A04E6873E64F90CF9536D1CCC2EF800F355C4C5FD70FD

Here is the audit statement information we currently have for these root certificates.
Standard Audit:
Standard Audit Period End Date: 2020-07-31
BR Audit:
BR Audit Period End Date: 2020-07-31
EV Audit:
EV Audit Period End Date: 2020-07-31

Please provide your annual updates via the Common CA Database (CCADB), as described here:

Hi, Kathleen:

Our audit work has been completed,the Management's assertion reports has been signed. However, the auditor reported they are "out of contact" with CPA Canada, this is why we have not get the new reports yet, we are trying solve it, our auditor is communicating with CPA, I think there will be some developments in the next few days. We will upload the official reports to CCADB when we get it.

The audit reports has not been signed, our auditor give an LETTER FOR ISSUANCE OF REPORTS, we will upload the official reports to CCADB when we get it.

Assignee: bwilson → sunny_bxl

Can you upload any PDFs of the audit reports here to this bug, and then populate a new CCADB audit case with the information that needs to be submitted annually? See information in links here:
Let me know if you need further instruction on how this needs to be done.

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Flags: needinfo?(sunny_bxl)

I have uploaded the new audit reports, due to some uncertain reasons, we have not get the Audit statement links from CPA Canada, this causes we can't updated the information on CCADB, I'm not sure if we can update it after we get the links?

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