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[GTK][Fcitx][Fcitx5] If preedit is disabled, first type for second or later word is discarded


(Core :: DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling, defect, P2)

Firefox 96



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(Reporter: lilydjwg, Assigned: masayuki)




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Steps to reproduce:

  1. find some place to type text (e.g. the urlbar or here)
  2. activate fcitx5
  3. switch to the Wubi (五笔) input method
  4. press Ctrl-Alt-P once to disable preedit (by default it is enabled)
  5. press these keys "wqvbkb" and a space

Actual results:

"你好了" is committed

Expected results:

"你好啊" should be committed.

Code for "你好" is "wqvb". Code for "了" is "b". Code for "啊" is "kb".

In Wubi, after a complete four-key code, on next keystroke the first candidate should be committed and the next keystroke is the first key of the next code. Firefox loses this key.

mozregression result:

18:33.71 INFO: Last good revision: d97093bef6913a2771713e2db2d80bb0b1d69627
18:33.71 INFO: First bad revision: 19d5d6282da194b61704a5edd89f3d5613113512
18:33.71 INFO: Pushlog:

This has been reported to a Chinese forum here:

I tested with fcitx5. The original poster tested with fcitx4.

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Component: Untriaged → Address Bar
Component: Address Bar → DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling
Product: Firefox → Core
Regressed by: 1712269
Has Regression Range: --- → yes

Set release status flags based on info from the regressing bug 1712269

I'm creating the environment, but sill not finished yet.

If somebody puts the following logs, I could fix this faster.

  • Which events are fired in (Perhaps, screenshot is better because pasted table data is hard to read)
  • Attach a log file of the parent process with launching with MOZ_LOG=nsGtkIMModuleWidgets:5,sync and MOZ_LOG_FILE setting path to the log file (Don't type anything your privacy like passwords while you're launching Firefox with these env variables).
Attached image requested screenshot
Attached file fxim.log.moz_log

I was using the exact step given in comment 0 while generating this log and screenshot. In step 2 "activate fcitx5" the key to do so is Ctrl+space.

Thank you very much! I'll check what's going on.

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According to the log, k key press is notified to IME, then, 你好 is comitted asynchronously. At this time, OnSelectionChange is called and it causes resetting IMContext, then, we receive b key press. Perhaps, at this time, IME forgets the preceding k key press due to the reset.

I think that we should avoid resetting IMContext in this case. On the other hand, I do not understand why the change of bug 1712269 caused this regression yet, but I guess making it in composing state prevents the resetting. I'll post a patch.

Assignee: nobody → masayuki
Severity: -- → S2
Ever confirmed: true
Priority: -- → P2
Summary: key lost when auto committing with fcitx4/fcitx5 and preedit disabled → [GTK][Fcitx][Fcitx5] If preedit is disabled, first type for second or later word is discarded

I still cannot create an environment to test this. Could you try to check whether an experimental build fixes this bug?

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No, that build still has the same issue.

Flags: needinfo?(lilydjwg)

Thanks. I'll be back to the log file for understanding what's going on...

Okay, I succeeded crating a test environment, and indeed, my experimental build does not work.

Yes, this build fixes the issue!

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Some IME of fcitx and fcitx5 have a mode to disable preedit. This works
similar to dead key typing on Windows. I.e., there is an "invisible"
composing text, and only commit string is inserted directly.

After bug 1712269, we don't use a set of composition events for direct
commit from IME because of web-compat. Therefore, IMEContentObserver
cannot know whether the insert is caused by composition or not in this

Additionally, the commit of the IME may be triggered by a key press
for next word. Therefore, we shouldn't call ResetIME() from
OnSelectionChange() in this case.

Fortunately, we've already have selection cache which is expected by
IME after dispatching a commit event, and if the actual selection is
same as expected one, IME shouldn't require explicit reset. Therefore,
this patch makes OnSelectionChange() check whether selection is
actually changed, and stop calling ResetIME() if selection is not

Pushed by
Make `IMContextWrapper::OnSelectionChange()` not call `ResetIME()` if selection range is expected one r=m_kato
Closed: 1 year ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → 96 Branch
Flags: qe-verify+

I have some problems with setting the environment on my Ubuntu machine. Lilydjwg, could you help us confirm the fix with the latest 96 beta build (download link)? Thank you!

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Yes. With 96.0b10 zh-CN variant I confirm that this issue has been fixed!

Flags: needinfo?(lilydjwg)

Thank you Lilydjwg for your prompt reply!
As per comment 19 I will mark this issue as verified fixed.

Flags: qe-verify+
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