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fission/non-fission awsy jobs are mixed up in the display, and also in retrigger


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Steps to reproduce:

  2. Login to perfherder
  3. click retrigger button for "JS opt tp6" column
  4. Select "10" for "Base revision" and "New revision"
  5. Click "Retrigger"

Actual result:
At step 1. the page shows both fission/non-fission score in the same row.

After step 5,
for base revision, "test-linux1804-64-shippable-qr/opt-awsy-tp6-e10s sy-tp6" is retriggered 10 times
for new revision, "test-linux1804-64-shippable-qr/opt-awsy-tp6-fis-e10s sy-tp6" is retriggered 10 times

Expected result:
fission/non-fission scores are displayed separately, and retrigger the same job for base/new revisions

I've retrigerred them from treeherder, so the number of jobs there are different than step 5.

The link provided by you is no longer available. Could you please update it?
Please upload some screenshots as well in case the link expires as well. Thanks.

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Priority: -- → P3

I cannot reproduce the exact effect of step 5, but similar thing is observed.

here's link that you can observe the step 1 effect that fission/non-fission results are mixed up:

at first, I've triggered SY(ab-d), SY(sy), SY(sy-d), SY-fis(ab), SY-fis(sy-tp6) once for each.

The compare view showed "Base Content JS opt" from SY(ab-d) and SY-fis(ab) in single line,
and "JS opt" from SY(sy) and SY-fis(ab) in single line.

Then I retriggered "Base Content Explicit opt" and "JS opt", once for each, from Compare View.
Retrigger for "Base Content Explicit opt" results in retriggering SY-fis(ab) for base and new.
Retrigger for "JS opt" results in retriggering "SY(sy)" for base and new.

Flags: needinfo?(arai.unmht)
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