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upgrade linux test image from 18.04 to 22.04


(Testing :: CI Configuration, task)



(Not tracked)


(Reporter: jmaher, Unassigned)


(Blocks 1 open bug)


Type of Change: Choose One

OS Change (add tools to OS, upgrade OS to different version)

Example: upgrade windows 10 -> Windows 11; upgrade OSX 11 to latest security release; add codec/font to CI test machines
upgrade linux test docker image from 18.04 -> 21.04

Build Type Change

Example: Add android-lite builds+tests to CI; add mingw32 builds and tests to CI; remove osx ccov builds and tests from CI

Test Variant (ci coverage via runtime variant set by preference)

*Example: add fission variant by default on all tests and configuration; *

Team Requesting Work (Responsible party for priority decisions, budget signoff, and triaging issues)

TBD (Graphics originally)

Risk of not completing work

Example: We will not be running automation on the OS that the majority of users run on, will miss opportunities to catch bugs
QA is doing manual passes on Wayland installations. We will miss coverage that our tests will find. Also we are testing an outdated version of ubuntu (18.04 has kernel 5.4 and 20.04+ has kernel 5.11). If this is pushed out, we might want to pick up 22.04 instead which would then make us 4 years out of date.

Which test suites will this change apply to (please be verbose)

Example: xpcshell, browser-chrome, talos; ALL; all unittests; all perftests
ALL - unittests specifically, perf tests on hardware will need to be updated as well.

Which configs will be affected by this (To capacity plan and set timelines, which platforms and build configs will be affected)

Example: only adding a new build type to linux / all windows: shippable, debug, asan, ccov / desktop only
not linux32
linux64 opt/debug/shippable
linux64 asan/tsan/ccov

Other useful info

As this will not affect linux32, we will leave that on ubuntu 18.04. This can ride the trains as well. Not sure if we need some coverage on X11 and other on Wayland- ideally we would replace most if not all existing 18.04 automation with 21.04.

Blocks: wayland
Depends on: 1725245

Given that 21.04 is going EOL next week and 22.04 (LTS) is already in alpha, I'm taking the freedom to update the request.

Summary: upgrade linux test image from 18.04 to 21.04 → upgrade linux test image from 18.04 to 22.04
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