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"Akzente" option in find bar is unclear


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Steps to reproduce:

I searched for "öl" (with the german umlaut ö=oe) in,0/Chefkoch/Gyros-geniessen-wie-in-Griechenland.html

(I tested this with other websites and other german umlauts. It's always the same issue.)

Actual results:

Firefox displayed all occurences of "ol" (with the letter o without the umlaut points)

Expected results:

Firefox should have found and displayed the occurences of "öl" only.

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Is Match Diacritics checked or not?

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Component: Search → Find Toolbar
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Sorry for the late response.

The question was: Is Match Diacritics checked or not?

The language setting of my Firefox is set to "German".
There is a checkbox "Akzente" at the search bar ... I assume this checkbox is labeled "Match Diacritics" in the english version.

No, the "Akzente"-checkbox wasn't checked.


First "Akzent" is not the german translation of "diacritic", "Diakritisches Zeichen" is. Of course almost no one would understand that linguistic gibberish.
As a 50 years old german native speaker I would never ever have guessed, that searching for "ö" has something to do with an "Akzente"-checkbox. Never. This is why I think the translation is important here. If I had read "Diakritische Zeichen", at least I had known, that I have to search for the meaning of the word.

But second: I think a user should not have to check a checkbox "Diacritcs" to make the search find a normal german word such as "öl" (oil in english)?

I'm from SD too. I'm really sure(!) that there is a really good intention behind that checkbox.
But please concider the usability of the search with and without such a checkbox without using technical arguments.
Thank you <3

I really appreciate all your great work. I LOVE having Firefox around. I use it for such a long time now.
Thank you for all your work, time, effort, love, patience.

Flags: needinfo?(a-heinke)

Bug 1707842 covers improving the Match Diacritics option in general to be clearer.

Otherwise, moving to the german localization to investigate whether the terminology is incorrect here.

Component: Find Toolbar → de / German
Product: Toolkit → Mozilla Localizations
Version: Firefox 95 → unspecified
Summary: Search for german umlaut doesn't work → "Akzente" option in find bar is unclear
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