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Crash on high number of tabs [ AppendNativeHandler ]


(Firefox :: Tabbed Browser, defect)

Firefox 96





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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Update from Firefox 95.0.1 to 96.0.1 (via mint package repo).
  2. Launch browser with automatic session restore (10490 tabs).
  3. Watch browser crash towards the end of loading the session.

The exact number of tabs is probably variable, but seems to be just shy of 10k on my system. Enabling addons are likely to cause the crash to happen with fewer tabs.

Reproducible in new profile by copying over the sessionstore file.
Rolling back to v95 allows me to load the session unmodified.
Likely reproducible on other systems by opening enough tabs (I've got mine spread over multiple windows).

Actual results:

bp-f652f9d5-7e2b-45af-9804-1b43c0220121 (I'm not sure of what was different this time; [@ mozilla::loader::ImportModule ] likely stumbled onto #1716849 )

Triggered by successfully loading a session with about 9600 tabs, and opening tabs until crash:

Triggered by loading a number of tabs near what crashes, and then enabling the FoxyTab addon [@ js::UnwindEnvironment ]:

Expected results:

Not crashing, and me continuing on with what I was intending to do at the time, instead of spending 2-3 days on debugging 🙈

Support thread with my debugging journey so far:

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I have tried to reproduce the issue with Ubuntu 20.04 with Firefox 99.0a1(2022-02-28) unfortunately I wasn't able to reproduce the issue and crash firefox. Could you please answer the following questions in order to further investigate this issue.

  1. Does this issue happen with a new profile? Here is a link on how to create one:
  2. Does this issue happen in the latest nightly? Here is a link from where you can download it:
  3. Do you have any addons installed if so can you list them?
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  1. As explained in the issue, I was able to reproduce the issue in a clean profile, by copying the session file over. I have not tested without the session file, as that would require opening 10k tabs rather than just ~500 like I did while testing here, but I guess I could abuse bookmark folder open all bookmarks to make this easier.

  2. I have no intent on running nightly, nor clearing my profile, and as such would prefer to not run nightly on my system. I can attempt to reproduce with 97.0.1, if that is of interest.

  3. As explained in the issue, I was able to reproduce the issue in a clean profile, and loading addons made the issue happen earlier. Addons are part of the crash reports.

Flags: needinfo?(oddstr13)

I forgot to add that my objection to running nightly is due to potentially upgrading my profile such that it is difficult to get it loaded in stable again.

Also seeing related crashes in 101.0.1


Pulling out several domains from my profile using
reducing the tab count from 11139 to 10090 allowed me to load the profile again.

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