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Add a fixed-size property cache for megamorphic lookups


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Megamorphic property lookups from JIT code are very common on modern JS workloads. We've seen GetNativeDataPropertyPure and similar functions show up in a lot of profiles.

We can optimize this with a per-thread fixed-size lookup cache based on the receiver object's shape + the property key. This works well in practice because JS code often accesses the same kind of objects repeatedly: the cache has a hit rate of > 80% on many websites. V8 has a similar cache, so this also helps us prevent certain perf cliffs in code optimized for Chrome.

Because this cache assumes things about prototype objects, we need to invalidate the cache when prototype objects are mutated in certain ways. This is where Watchtower comes in, it's now fairly easy for us to do that robustly.

This bug will add the cache but disabled by default.

For the megamorphic cache we'll need to handle property mutation/removal. We can ignore
freeze/seal, but this adds the Watchtower machinery in case we need it later for other

Drive-by change: add AutoCheckShapeConsistency to NativeObject::freezeOrSealProperties.

We got rid of almost all of the other JIT optimizations for typed objects. Supporting
them in HasNativeDataPropertyPure complicates later patches and it seems better for
these functions to be restricted to native objects (as implied by the name).

Depends on D137850

Also use isInt instead of JSID_IS_INT while we're there.

Depends on D137851

We can potentially reuse this pref for different Watchtower optimizations over time.

Because the megamorphic lookup path is so hot, we probably don't want to keep a pref
for that for too long, at least on non-Nightly/non-debug builds.

Depends on D137852

Depends on D137854

Attachment #9262329 - Attachment description: Bug 1753633 part 6 - Add a pref for Watchtower, disabled by default. r?iain! → Bug 1753633 part 6 - Add a pref for megamorphic cache, disabled by default. r?iain!
Pushed by
part 1 - Add Watchtower hooks for property mutation/removal. r=iain
part 2 - Add Watchtower hook for object swapping. r=iain
part 3 - Add HashAtomOrSymbolPropertyKey. r=iain
part 4 - Stop handling typed objects in HasNativeDataPropertyPure. r=iain
part 5 - Move/fix a comment. r=iain
part 6 - Add a pref for megamorphic cache, disabled by default. r=iain
part 7 - Add megamorphic lookup cache, disabled by default. r=iain
part 8 - Add tests. r=iain
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