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This is from a gmuck run. Most of the changes were simple, but there are a few
which aren't obvious:

- I had to change Ville's surname in the contributors section. perl5.8 wants
files to be utf8 if you have a utf8 locale (eg on RH8). Somehow TT avoids
complaining about this (probably because it knows its a comment, and so never
actually looks at the content) but gmuck did. I just changed the ä to be in UTF8
encoding instead of iso-8859. (I managed to do this by copy-paste, changing
xemacs' charset in the middle. Anyone know how I type one of these chars in X, BTW?)

This change doesn't affect apache, since apache's locale is "C", not
"en_AU.UTF-8". Which is probably a good thing, since gmuck takes 9 seconds under
LANG="C", but 2min 28 sec with a UTF8 lang, due to a known
'regexps-are-slow-on-utf8-strings' issue.

- The time tracking stuff in bug/edit.html.tmpl had to be changed. decimal
points aren't valid in percentages. Hixie says that theres no way to do what you
wanted using css, so I just removed teh width specification. I think it looks
nicer that way, anyway. You can accomplish equal column lengths using
|table-layout: fixed;| (or <col width="1*">), but that requires you to put a
width on the <table>. Having it in the same style as the attachments table is
more consistent, anyway.

This fixes all the gmuck errors/warnings with --mode=html --nomimetype
--nodeprecated, except for the "rows" attribute thing for the <textfield> in the
attachment edit page (where we use a height-in-px instead, to keep it the same
size as teh <iframe>) and admin/flag-type/edit.html.tmpl, where it wants the
|size| and |multiple| attributes to be quoted - in that context they're being
uses as params to a BLOCK, but gmuck doesn't know that.

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Just a quick (offtopic) note about gmuck complaining about the UTF-8 stuff; if
one really wants to get rid of the warning on Perl 5.8, adding

    no warnings 'utf8'; the top of or gmuck could help.  I haven't tested it, and I have
a feeling that unconditionally putting that to gmuck wouldn't be The Right Thing
to do anyway.  Plus all the trouble/hacking it would require with older Perls,
eg. 5.00503 (it will barf with 'no warnings' stuff).

Oh, and if my name causes further trouble with something, feel free to change
the spelling to "Ville Skytta" :)
Sure, but the warnings actually mean something. Of course, in this case they
don't, because they're in a comment, but in general they may.
-    <td width="150px" height="150px">
+    <td width="150" height="150px">

Why is width unitless but not height?

If Ville doesn't mind, the current representation of his name looks weird in
ASCII editors, and Skytta might be a better representation.

Other than that, r=gerv.

Attached patch take 2Splinter Review
OK, here we go, updated to deal with recent template additions.

I've left ville's name as it was in the first patch. UTF8 is the Future (TM),
and it already would have looked wierd in ASCII editors; I think you meant
ISO-8859-1 editors :)

Bsides, its only a comment...
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take 2

Looks OK to me. r=gerv.

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