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Tests View - Changing the framework should reset the table to page 1


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The page number resets to 1 so that we can see the first page of results for browsertime.

The page number remains 2 and the second page of results is displayed instead of the first page.

Jira ticket:

Mentor: beatrice.acasandrei
Assignee: nobody → natka.tylka
Assignee: natka.tylka → nobody

This error is present when switching between any frameworks

Hi there :)
I checked the issue. To solve this issue, I think we can add this code autoResetPage={true} in place[0].

There is an improvement while checking the code.
When requesting data, there is no pagination function on the server side[1].
According to the page count of the frontend side, it does not extract only 20 data but searches for the entire data(i.e, in this case[1], searching the 262 counts). The entire framework data is searched in the DB.
If the loading of the first screen is too slow, consider adding a pagination function to the server side. (Of course, there will be changes to the frontend side.)


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