Open Bug 1760824 Opened 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago

Fixup AsyncSpellCheckTestHelper.jsm


(Core :: Spelling checker, enhancement)





(Reporter: dminor, Unassigned)


Currently in AsyncSpellCheckTestHelper.jsm there's a onSpellCheck helper [1] that either waits for a pending spellcheck to complete, or runs a timer that waits for spellcheck to start, and then waits for it to complete. It then calls a callback function, regardless of whether the spellcheck occurs.

In Bug 1402822, I'm renaming this to maybeOnSpellCheck and adding a new onSpellCheck that always waits for a spellcheck to complete. I was able to migrate some callers to the new onSpellCheck, but not all. We should fix up maybeOnSpellCheck to be more reliable, since there's a number of intermittent failures associated with the spellchecking tests, and the current tests do not pass test-verification, even without the changes from Bug 1402822.


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