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"Ignore a source": I expect an option to UNIGNORE console debugger statements


(DevTools :: Debugger, defect, P2)

Firefox 98


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Steps to reproduce:

Executing a code from the Console with debugger; in it, opens a "virtual" file "SOURCE" as a tab when the debugger; breakpoint is triggered.

You can "ignore" this SOURCE as the article suggests.

Then close the SOURCE tab.

It's not in the file list in the file/script browser (on the left / in the left pane).

Now Console debugger; statements will be ignored.

Actual results:

All Console "debugger;" statements ignored

Expected results:

Option to UNIGNORE console "debugger;" breakpoints.

Component: General → Debugger
Product: Firefox Build System → DevTools

We should detect eval coming from the console and either prevent the "ignore line" feature.

We might be able to have a unique URL for those and differentiate them, but that would have wider impacts. So a better long term fix is probably to stop identifying sources only based on their URL.

Blocks: dbg-blackbox
Severity: -- → S3
Ever confirmed: true
Priority: -- → P2
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