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Assert that we do not skip ShutdownPhase::XPCOMShutdown due to a missing service manager


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(Reporter: jstutte, Assigned: archdevx7d6)



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We advance to ShutdownPhase::XPCOMShutdown only if we find the service manager.

The current code looks as if we would treat the error, but we actually do not expect this to be ever missing at this stage of shutdown and just skipping it would be bad. Thus we want to add a MOZ_DIAGNOSTIC_ASSERT here to see if our assumptions hold.

I would like to work on this bug.

Attached patch XPCOMInit.cppSplinter Review

I tried to fix the bug. I am new to Mozilla community so I would like to ask for some guidance.

Hi! Great that you want to help!
However, you should submit a patch, not just a modified source file. Please use moz-phab to submit the patch, such that we can do the review inside phabricator which eases life for all of us.
Please be sure to have read Firefox Contributors’ Quick Reference and possibly Sending your code for review (also known as “sending patches”). It can feel kind of overwhelming at the beginning, but it definitely pays off once you are through it.
Thanks for your support!

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I'm sorry, you're right. I will send a patch file in a moment

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Hi, sorry for the hassle! I just realized that you seem to use git, not mercurial. Honestly I do not know how to configure that to work correctly with moz-phab - I am sure there is a way, though. I'll ask around.

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that will set the metadata and then it's necessary to amend the commit like git commit --amend --reset-author

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Replace if statement checking if service manager is present with MOZ_DIAGNOSTIC_ASSERT. r=xpcom-reviewers,jstutte
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