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no resize mouse cursor in newest flatpak build


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Firefox 101





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Steps to reproduce:

There is no resize cursor when hovering mouse around edge of the window.
Happening on Gnome on Ubuntu 22.04 both on Wayland and X11 using the flatpak build.

After downgrade to commit 0d8e9248660c81da82b0282f7b3950d3b5196f32690c5b4b38ee218355aed17f it works again as it should.

Actual results:

Resize cursor not appearing when hovering over edge of the window.

Expected results:

Resize cursor should appear

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Same bug. Normal cursor not change.
firefox flatpak 104.0.1

Fedora 36
Kernel: 5.19.6
DE: GNOME 42.4

Resizing works but it's hard to resize as you have to do it by feel :D. When you click in the right place the cursor changes to the right one for resizing the window.

Is there a chance that we will get the proper resize cursor back?

A bunch of cursor icons are reported as missing when running on GNOME/Wayland with MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1 set in the flatpak:

Gdk-Message: 14:19:46.522: Unable to load sb_h_double_arrow from the cursor theme
Gdk-Message: 14:19:46.705: Unable to load hand2 from the cursor theme
Gdk-Message: 14:19:46.745: Unable to load hand2 from the cursor theme
Gdk-Message: 14:19:46.789: Unable to load hand2 from the cursor theme
Gdk-Message: 14:19:46.827: Unable to load hand2 from the cursor theme
Gdk-Message: 14:19:47.321: Unable to load split_h from the cursor theme

Notably these are part not part of the Freedesktop runtime (22.08) which ships no cursor themes as far as I can tell. But bundling a particular cursor theme (say Adwaita, that provides these) with the flatpak in /app/share doesn't help either. My guess is maybe the path is hardcoded to /usr/share/, so using it with the GNOME runtime solves the issue: flatpak run --runtime=org.gnome.Platform//43 org.mozilla.firefox for me.

Setting the XCURSOR_PATH environment variable also seems to solve the issue for me. flatpak bind mounts cursor paths from host to /run/host to make them available in the sandbox:

flatpak run --env=XCURSOR_PATH=/usr/share/icons/:/run/host/share/icons:/run/host/user-share/icons org.mozilla.firefox

Oddly, that shouldn't be needed as it is already set here in the freedesktop runtime

@nanonyme in #flatpak mentioned that this could be related to

I have tried running Firefox with

flatpak run --env=XCURSOR_PATH=/usr/share/icons/:/run/host/share/icons:/run/host/user-share/icons org.mozilla.firefox

but this didn't help me. I am on X11 here.

Priority: -- → P3
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