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Call SetAcquiringImportMaps(false) when fetching a modulepreload module script graph


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From the import maps spec

When the browser starts to fetch a modulepreload module script graph 1, it should call set acquiring import maps to false 2

Currently Gecko doesn't support <link rel="modulepreload"> yet (bug 1425310)
But the WPT for Import Maps will test this behavior. modulepreload.html 3, and modulepreload-link-header.html 4

I have a patch that doesn't actually do the module preloading, but it will call SetAcquiringImportMaps(false) if it found any <link rel="modulepreload> element or a HTTP header with Link <...> rel=modulepreload

Hi Jonco and Yulia
Do you think we could land the short fix first without actually implementing modulepreload feature?

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Yes, we can land this without implementing modulepreload yet.

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Jonco says he's also fine with this.

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Attachment #9281386 - Attachment description: Bug 1774175 - Call SetAcquiringImportMaps(false) for modulepreload. → Bug 1774175 - Call SetAcquiringImportMaps(false) when processing modulepreload.
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Call SetAcquiringImportMaps(false) when processing modulepreload. r=yulia,smaug
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