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User matching shouldn't be case-sensitive


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On bugzilla-tip on landfill (with usermatchtype in params set to "search" rather
than "wildcard"), I entered "miller" in the CC field on a bug and hit Commit.

I was prompted with several choices, none of which were me.  The ones I got all
had "miller" as part of their email address as well.

I went back and changed it to "Miller" and this time it found me.
Blocks: 176570
INSTR in mysql < 4.0 is case-sensitive, while LIKE is not.

Per a brief discussion on #mozwebtools, this patch moves substring searches to
LIKE rather than INSTR.
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Changes INSTR in queries to LIKE for case insensitivity

Works, r=myk.  It's trivial, but I want bbaetz to look it over too, since he
was the one who suggested INSTR as I recall, so wait for his second r= before
checking this in.
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Also you should fix the comment on line 138 to say something like "# then try
sub-string search".
Removed INSTR from comments.
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You need to escape literal \, %, and _ if you use LIKE. sqlquote does \, but not
the others.

I don't reacall mentioning using substring, but istm that it would be faster
than LIKE. The correct way to do case insensitive substring stuff is to do
(where $bar is capitalised in advance in perl)
That's absolutely a better way of doing it.  I presume you meant INSTR rather
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Case-insensitive INSTR

2xr= justdave

Tested on landfill, it works.

a= justdave for checkin during 2.17.1 freeze
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Checked in for not_erik

Checking in Bugzilla/;
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I did, yes

pg doesn't have INSTR, so you should use: |position($bar in toupper(foo)) > 0|
which is standard sql. Except that oracle doesn't appear to have 'position', so
leave it as is, and we'll deal with it later.
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Target Milestone: --- → Bugzilla 2.18
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