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Update CCADB Access Request Form


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(Reporter: cclements, Assigned: poonam)


Add Google Chrome as a selectable option to the first question on the form: “Click on one or more of the following boxes to indicate which root store(s) you are sponsored by or are applying to for inclusion.*”

Whiteboard: [ccadb-enhancement]

Add Open Leads report to Chrome homepage task list
Check on Leads reports for all root store homepage task lists -- should list all, with column for which root stores were selected.

Assignee: nobody → poonam
Ever confirmed: true

Disregard comment#1 and comment#2. With the changes described below, open leads should appear for all Root Store Members.

Update the CCADB Access Request Form with the following enhancements:

Update the instructions to read as:

  • CAs who are new to the CCADB may request access by submitting the following information. This information will be reviewed by Root Store Members and a determination made to issue a CCADB Community License for the purpose of managing CA Owner information and certificate inclusion requests.
    If it is determined that your CA may receive access to the CCADB, then a CCADB CA Community license will be issued to the CA’s representative’s email address provided in the form, and that individual will receive an email with further instructions.

Create a section of the form called Organization Information and display:

  • CA Organization name as it appears in your CA’s CP/CPS and audit statements [required]
  • Legal name of the company, if different from the CA Organization name in CP/CPS [optional]
  • URL to Organization or CA Website [required]
  • Physical address of your organization
    • Street [required]
    • City [optional]
    • State/Province [required]
    • Postal Code [optional]
    • Country [required]
    • Organization Type [required] [Options = None, Private Corporation, Public Corporation, Government Agency, Non-Profit Organization]
  • Describe what the organization does [optional]

Create a section of the form called Description of PKI Services and display:

  • Does your organization operate a root certification authority (CA) with a self-signed certificate intended to be used as a trust anchor? [required]
  • URL to CA or PKI’s repository (where certificates, CP, CPS, and other artifacts are hosted) [required]
  • Types of customers the CA serves, vertical market segments, types of certificates issued [optional]
  • Country or geographic region where CA typically sells certificates [optional]
  • Do you intend to request for the distribution of the self-signed certificate by one or more of the following root stores? (Y/N) [required]
    • Apple (TLS, SMIME, Code Signing, [list other use cases])
    • Cisco (list use cases)
    • Google Chrome (TLS, only)
    • Microsoft (TLS, SMIME, Code Signing, [list other use cases])
    • Mozilla (TLS and SMIME, only)

Create a section of the form called CCADB Access Request and display:

  • Name and email address of the individual employee who you are requesting the CCADB CA Community License for
    • First Name [required]
    • Last Name [required]
    • Email Address (An email will be sent to this email address to confirm this request) [required]
    • Confirm email address by entering it again [required]
  • Confirm that you can abide by the Salesforce Terms of Service. [required]
Summary: [Chrome] Add Google Chrome to CCADB Access Request for New CA Form → Update CCADB Access Request Form
Severity: -- → S1
Product: NSS → CA Program
Severity: S1 → --
Priority: P1 → --
Whiteboard: [ccadb-enhancement]
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