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browserAction preload popup should not be part of the results returned by browser.extension.getViews


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While investigating Bug 1748808 we determined that the underlying issue that is triggering that perma failure is related to the fact that browser.extension.getViews is currently returning the preload browserAction popup as part of the results returned by the API call (See Bug 1748808 comment 24 and Bug 1748808 comment 25).

The preload browserAction popup has the document parser blocked until we are ready to unblock the parser when the popup is actually going to be visible (unless cancelled) and so its document is technically not going to be fully loaded and none of the extension page script will be executed during that phase and so it seems that the preload browserAction popup should be actually filtered out from the results of the browser.extension.getViews until its document parser got unblocked.

This bug goal is to apply that fix and make sure we have test coverage for this specific corner case (a new one that would fail consistently without a proper fix in place, given that the test case that was triggering Bug 1748808 permafailure was only able to trigger it by chance, due to a previous test case leaving the mouse exactly where the browserAction widget was going to be during that test case).

Assignee: nobody → lgreco
Severity: -- → S4
Priority: -- → P2

Previous push to try caught some issues in the previous version of the attached patch.

I've updated the patch accordingly and created a new push to try to confirm if the previous failures are still being triggered when running on the build infrastructure:

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browserAction preload popup should not be listed in extension.getViews results. r=mixedpuppy,willdurand
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