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SignalR connection slowdown multiple tabs


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Firefox 102




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Steps to reproduce:

Hi there is a bug with SignalR multiple connnections slowing down the more connections the more slowdown.
Please see the following issue and the last comment here:

Steve Sanderson is the lead developer of Microsoft SignalR and Blazor team which is a SPA web framework using WebSocket to refresh UI.

Actual results:

Multiple WebSocket connnections slowing down the more connections the more slowdown.

Expected results:

Opening multiple tabs (WebSocket connections) should not heavily increase time needed to establish the connection.

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Per discussion in this appears to be "by-design"; we're progressively delaying WebSocket connections if the old connections were abnormally ended.

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Regressed by: 711793
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Hi Randell and Valentin.
You say you are progressively delaying WebSocket connections if the old connections were abnormally ended.
This is not the case with the issue I am describing and also in the gif here you can see that only new WebSocket connections are added (everytime in a new tab). When approx 5+ are open, it keeps getting very slow. The WebSocket connections are not terminated or abnormally terminated at this moment when only new tabs are added.

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I also believe that the Blazor framework is freeing the resources associated with the WebSocket connection when a tab is closed (or the browser is closed) because a handler can be placed in the application when a SignalR connection is "ending".

So, this sounds a lot like Bug 782704 - Multiple initiated Websocket connections have an increased delay. The cause of that seems to have been a server that doesn't handle connections asynchronously.
I can't say if that's the problem here, but I tried to reproduce it locally with this code and wasn't able to get the long delays:

Jan, could you try to see if you can get it to happen with the same code?
Otherwise, could you provide us with a public server to test this on? Thanks!

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See Also: → 782704, 711793
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