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[DOGFOOD][PP]Subject is blank in the thread pane.


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(Reporter: ji, Assigned: alecf)


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build: 1999110212
OS: RH6.0

On today's latest build, when opening the smoketest folder, not all the mails in
the folder are loaded. There are 5 mails in the folder, only one got loaded.
Inbox has some mails missing too.
Attached file intl smoketest folder
Assignee: phil → putterman
Reassign to putterman
what is this attachment?
does this work for you on windows?  What makes this an intl smoketest folder
versus a non intl smoketest folder?
attached is a zip file which I used for intl smoketest.
It contains 5 messages containing 8 bit and Japanese characters.
It works fine on Windows.
Drop the Smoketest file into your POP mail directory and try
displaying 5 msgs. On Linux, you will only see one msg displayed in the thread pane.
This only fails on Linux and starting today. This is International Smoketest file for Display and
the display passed on all 5 msgs yesterday.
Do you get something that says:

Break: at file nsXulDocument.cpp, line 1761
Assertion: "error creating content"

I can't even load my Sent folder on Linux.
No. I don't see those errors when trying to load the smoketest folder.
earlier today Kipp fixed a linux font problem.  Perhaps this is what is
happening here?
Linux Redhat 6.0 (1999-11-02-12 M11)
233 MHZ
128 MB Ram
Using today's Linux build, I am unable to load message into all folders,
including special or non-special folders both in POP or IMAP accounts.
I click on Get Msg, it pops up the password dialog.  I enter the password, but
still nothing happens.
I can't download or unzip/untar the attachment here. Is there an alternate
location where I can get it internally? Thanks.
I have file in my home directory: /u/ji
Summary: [DOGFOOD]Does't load all the mails in the smoketest folder → [DOGFOOD][PP]Unable to display list of msgs in thread pane
dding waterson to cc list.  Although ji isn't seeing this, I can't get this far
because of assertions I'm seeing.  About 9 of them in a row.  akkana saw the
same thing in a message she sent to mailnewsstaff earlier.  Chris, does this
mean anything to you:

Break: at file nsXulDocument.cpp, line 1761
Assertion: "error creating content"
Whiteboard: [PDT+]
Putting on PDT+ radar.
cc'ing alec.  Alec, given that the builder is apparently failing, I'm wondering
if there's something that might not be parsing right on Linux and thereby
returning a failure code somewhere.(it's the only think I can think that we are
doing that is different than Windows).
see alec's comments in bug
oh my god, I've been debugging this all afternoon, I thought it was my tree!

here's the deal: the builder is failing because we can't get the Mime2Encoded
subject out of the database.
Summary: [DOGFOOD][PP]Unable to display list of msgs in thread pane → [DOGFOOD][PP]Subject is blank in the thread pane.
Ok, I checked in a fix so that the messages would display, but the subject will
be blank.
This means the bug is simpler, so I'm updating the summary.
Assignee: putterman → alecf
I backed out ftang's checkin to nsCharsetConverterManager.cpp in my tree and it
started working just fine. It looks like there's some problem with folder

I'm calling ftang now. If I can't contact him, I'm backing him out.
CC'ing Naoki.
I am working on a fix....
I think the right thing to do is to back it out. I will do that when the tree is green.
I back out my change. If that fix the problem, please mark it as FIXED.
with Alec's change, I can't load my folder at all - I don't think his change is
good. RDF asserts when we return success with a null result. I'm getting asked
for the thread property, which nsMsgMessageDataSource doesn't handle. Help!
I have a fix for the assertions, but since the tree is currently red, I don't
plan on staying up long enough to check it in and watch the tree so it'll have
to get checked in tomorrow unless someone else is going to be around.

Basically, at the end of nsMsgMessageDataSource::createMessageNode we need to
return rv instead of NS_OK.  Otherwise we are assuming that none of the other
functions return a success code besides NS_OK, which isn't true because some of
them return NS_RDF_NO_VALUE. This gets rid of the asserts in my build.
And as David B pointed out to me, we either need to return rv or have another
case where we return NS_RDF_NO_VALUE in case we don't handle the property which
is what it sounds like was causing his assertions.
Closed: 22 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
scott checked in his extra fix to my fix, and ftang has backed out his stuff.
Thanks everyone
Lisa, you can assing this to ji if you prefer her to check with her
original examples.
QA Contact: lchiang → ji
ok. Ji, can you verify that this is fixed for your original scenario? Thanks.
Verified with linux 1999110508 build. It's fixed.
Blocks: 18471
Verified with Linux 1999111809 build. It is fixed.
No longer blocks: 18471
Product: MailNews → Core
Product: Core → MailNews Core
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