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Beta and Developer Edition on Wayland are missing window icon


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  1. Enable Firefox Wayland*: MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1
  2. Launch Firefox.

*: do not confuse it with simply launching Firefox on a Wayland session. about:support must display Window Protocol: wayland, not xwayland.

Firefox release icon (orange?) and Nightly one (blue-violet?) are OK, but Developer Edition and Beta launch as if there is no icon, using Wayland default (Wayland logo, white W over yellow circle).

Tested on openSUSE Tumbleweed KDE Plasma Wayland.

I am getting the same problem with firefox-esr (and thunderbird) on Debian testing with KDE/Wayland.


The icon is incorrect only in the task-switcher, but correct in the taskbar.

Here is incorrect in both cases. It's correct only in Application Launcher and other ways that rely on .desktop file (like file "Open With" menu), because icon is set by Icon= instead of the binary.

I had this problem with other apps (Gnumeric, BackIntTime), and the devs fixed it.
The problem was to set the app_id in the app itself so that it matches the .desktop file name.
I hope firefox devs can fix that as well.

I debugged a bit with WAYLAND_DEBUG=1.
It appears that firefox sets its app_id as "Firefox-esr", while the .desktop file name is "firefox-esr".
So it is a problem with the capital "F".

I don't think this is related to .desktop file. I have multiple .desktop files to launch different Firefox profiles, each with a different name and this was never an issue before I enabled Wayland, using the same installation, the same .desktop files...

Even launching Firefox from terminal instead of using .desktop the issue is still present. But only for Beta and Developer Edition. Nightly and release are fine. I didn't test with ESR.

Nightly is fine even after renaming its .desktop file to a random string.

I am 99% sure it is related to .desktop files.
Wayland and X11 work in a different way for icons.
Wayland get the app_id, and looks for a corresponding .desktop file name.
See here for more info:

On my side, renaming the .desktop file fixed the problem, but I hope a proper fix can be done upstream.

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