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Painting artifact on <fieldset>'s continuation with inset box-shadow on reftest snapshot mode


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My patch in bug 793686 disturbs the column balancing height of layout/reftests/box-shadow/611574-2.html and reveal an existing bug that <fieldset> with inset box-shadow can have painting artifact on the fieldset frame's continuation when running reftest in snapshot mode.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Apply the patch Add a fieldset box-shadow reftest that adds fieldset-inset-2.html reftest.
  2. Run ./mach reftest --setpref=reftest.use-draw-snapshot=true layout/reftests/box-shadow/fieldset-inset-2.html

Expected result:
The <fieldset> continuation in the second column has no artifact.

Actual result:
The <fieldset> continuation in the second column has green artifact.

Note: The rendering is ok when running ordinary reftest via ./mach reftest layout/reftests/box-shadow/fieldset-inset-2.html

Here's the screenshot of fieldset-inset-2.html in reftest-analyzer. See the green artifact in the second column.

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