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Expand Nimbus targeting in background tasks


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In Bug 1776514, I took some effort to allow targeting in background tasks based on a snapshot of the default profile's targeting state. However, similar to Bug 1782136, I didn't appreciate that we need to impact the Nimbus level and not just the Firefox Messaging Experiment System level. This ticket tracks lifting the defaultProfile targeting to Nimbus itself, and not just to the Messaging System.

This was oversight. In background tasks, I took some care to provide
the snapshot of the default profile's targeting state to the Firefox
Messaging System, but it also needs to be provided to Nimbus to filter
experiments directly.

For expedience, I provide an extra targeting context object to

The targeting contexts for Nimbus proper and Firefox Messaging System
are somewhat independent; that's why the triggering context remains in
the invocation of sendTriggerMessage.

Depends on D154308

Severity: -- → S2
Priority: -- → P1

As a reminder today is the last beta before RC week If this is required for 104.

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Lift default profile targeting to Nimbus in background tasks. r=barret

(In reply to Dianna Smith [:diannaS] from comment #4)

As a reminder today is the last beta before RC week If this is required for 104.

Thanks for the heads up, but it's fine for this to ride with 105.

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