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When importing bookmarks many windows are opened in Firefox Snap and Firefox Flatpak


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Firefox 106





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Steps to reproduce:

I exported the bookmarks from a profile in .json format. Then imported this in a whole new profile.
I tried it with Firefox 103.0.2 Flatpak and Firefox Snap( 104 RC, ESR 91.12.0esr-1). With Ubuntu 22.04 and Debian Stable.

If i delete the favicons.sqlite before exporting the bookmarks then this behavior dos not occur in the new profil when importing.

Actual results:

I have been using Firefox natively with Wayland with MOZ_ENABLE_WAYLAND=1.

Many windows are opened when importing.
In the windows is written:
"Open with..." and No Apps available
No app installed that can open "...ttps://www." You can finde more application in Softwae
Find More in Software

Under Settings(applications) appears now:
fake-favicon-uri - Open with systemhandler

In the logs, the following is one hundred and three times.
xdg-desktop-por: Failed to associate portal window with parent window
xdg-desktop-por: Unhandled parent window type

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Product: Firefox → Core
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I have looked at the bookmarks.json with Libreoffice, because Gnome gedit has some problems with the file.
I have some of these "fake-favicon-uri" in the exported bookmarks. The problem with the many windows in my case does not occur if the favicons are deleted before exporting the bookmarks and then no "fake-favicon-uri" is present.

Deleted favicons.sqlite before exporting the bookmarks.json

{"guid":"iWaNHn1IiMiY","title":"o2 | Mobilfunknetz, Handytarife, Top-Smartphones & VDSL Internet","index":577,"dateAdded":1568024390000000,"lastModified":1612099071000000,"id":9992,"typeCode":1,"type":"text/x-moz-place","uri":""}

With favicons.sqlite present and then exported the bookmarks.json

{"guid":"iWaNHn1IiMiY","title":"o2 | Mobilfunknetz, Handytarife, Top-Smartphones & VDSL Internet","index":577,"dateAdded":1568024390000000,"lastModified":1612099071000000,"id":9992,"typeCode":1,"iconUri":"fake-favicon-uri:","type":"text/x-moz-place","uri":""}

Version: Firefox 103 → Firefox 104
OS: Unspecified → Linux
Hardware: Unspecified → x86_64
Version: Firefox 104 → Firefox 106
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