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Migrate editMenuOverlay.dtd to Fluent


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The editMenuOverlay.dtd file is one of the few remaining DTD files used for localization, and should be migrated to Fluent. Its strings are used in a few different places:

Blocks: 1786543

editMenuOverlay.dtd defines a few keyboard shortcuts for find & find-again commands. One of the two places where they're used is, which itself is used from the sidebar, places & the content-area downloads view.

But I don't think those key definitions actually do anything? At least on macOS, I can't find anything working differently if I just remove those lines (last touched in 2003), and no relevant try auto tests appear to break.

Neil, :mconley suggested that you might have some idea regarding my question above?

For a bit more context, according to my manual testing on macOS:

  • these key shortcuts are not actually handled by the history & bookmarks sidebars, so pressing Cmd+F there will open the page's own find bar instead
  • while in the Library dialog, Cmd+F will focus the "Search Bookmarks" field whether or not includes <key> definitions
  • the about:downloads view does not actually have any find/filter functionality

Furthermore, rather similar <key> definitions are also included in

Flags: needinfo?(enndeakin)

It doesn't look like these are used, so I think we can try removing them.

Flags: needinfo?(enndeakin)

It would appear that these <key> definitions in
are not actaully used anywhere.

After the preceding change, the editMenuOverlay strings are only used by the styleeditor.
Therefore it makes sense to migrate them here specifically to its localization file.

Depends on D155448

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Drop find keys from r=mconley
Migrate styleeditor DTD localization to Fluent. r=nchevobbe,fluent-reviewers,flod
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