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Keyboard shortcuts missing most of shortcuts for Style Editor


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(firefox107 fixed)

107 Branch
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firefox107 --- fixed


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Steps to reproduce:

Actual results:

This list is very incomplete.

For example, it's missing Ctrl+G (search next), Ctrl+Shift+F (replace), potentially more.

Expected results:

Keep in mind these shortcuts are not necessarily the same as other components so you can't even relying on other chapter.

Ctrl+G is indeed the same as Debugger, but Ctrl+Shift+F is not, for example.

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:Sylvestre, could you have a look please?

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Component: Firefox Source Docs: Content → Documentation
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Product: Developer Infrastructure → DevTools

Nicolas, I'll update the docs, do you think this is the complete list?

  • Ctrl+G - Cmd+G => Find next
  • Shift+Ctrl+G / Shift+Cmd+G => Find previous
  • Shift+Ctrl+F / Cmd+Option+F => Replace
  • Ctrl+P / Cmd+P => Focus the filter input
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I think you're only missing Ctrl+S / Cmd+S to save file to disk

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Keyboard shortcuts missing most of shortcuts for Style Editor r=nchevobbe
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(In reply to fireattack from comment #6)

Just a small question: why the Component of this bug isn't "Firefox Source Docs: Content"? This is what "Report an issue" button on that exact page told me to do:

"Firefox Source Docs: Content" is general component covering the entire docs and it's ok to file documentation bugs there. But, many teams are responsible for building and maintaining the docs so, consequent triage is moving (documentation related bugs) to components that belong to the right team (to make sure that the right team knows about the bug).

Alexandru, this alert doesn't seem to be related to the chage. The patch is only changing documentation.

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