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Update browser_tabReorder_overflow.js to use BrowserTestUtils.overflowTabs function


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Currently, browser-tabReorder_overflow.js uses a custom implementation to cause the tabs to overflow. With the addition of the shared-head.js file in Bug 1778450, we can swap this custom logic out for the shared logic instead. Instead of the shared function being in shared-head.js, it now lives in BrowserTestUtils. Note: we want to keep newTab1, newTab2, and newTab3 intact. These three tabs should be spawned first and then we should call BrowserTestUtils.overflowTabs() to keep the previous test logic intact.

Summary: Update browser_tabReorder_overflow.js to use shared tabsOverflow function → Update browser_tabReorder_overflow.js to use shared overflowTabs function
Summary: Update browser_tabReorder_overflow.js to use shared overflowTabs function → Update browser_tabReorder_overflow.js to use BrowserTestUtils.overflowTabs function

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Mentor: tgiles
Keywords: good-first-bug
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Hi Tim, I had a quick look, but I couldn't find the shared overflowTabs function in BrowserTestUtils. Perhaps I'm missing something?

:samihda, thanks for looking into it! It may have been that searchfox had not updated when you checked it out, as I'm able to see the BrowserTestUtils.overflowTabs function currently. I forget when searchfox indexes new code and all that, but it's pretty quickly.

And for future reference, feel free to use the "Request information from" feature below the comment section. That way I get a direct bugzilla notification instead of just happening to see this when checking my general bugmail :) Let me know if you have any other questions!

Thanks :tgiles, I'll remember that next time :)

Also, I can see the function now. Let me see if I can give this a try soon, perhaps this weekend.

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Depends on D158090

Depends on D158156

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Reuse overflowTabs test function. r=tgiles
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